Last week I told you about my adventures apple picking here in Arizona and that I made some delicious baked goods with the produce. One of my favorites was an Apple Pie with Bacon Streusel topping, yes BACON. I found the recipe in a daily e-mail from Tasting Table. They always have really interesting recipes and when I saw this pie, I knew I had to make it.

I definitely screwed up a bit on the crust and didn’t put it all the way up the side of my pie pan but it really just made it slightly messier to eat. The pie itself was fantastic: gingersnap cookie crust, apples seasoned with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. The fairly traditional pie was then topped with a streusel topping made from brown sugar, flour, butter and the bacon, cooked and crumbled up. The Applewood bacon that the recipe calls for, and that I used, contrasts really nicely with all of the spices flavoring the pie and crust.

Find the whole recipe on Tasting Table‘s site. I’d definitely recommend the pie for an new twist on the classic apple pie for Thanksgiving, or any fall occasion. If you like bacon like I do then you’ll love it. James and his friends surely liked it.