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I was so lucky to get the chance to go to Hawaii to see two of our friends get married in October. I was last in Hawaii about ten years ago and went to Maui and Kauai on a family vacation. This time I went to Oahu by myself! But I was fortunate enough to have a great friend to stay with who showed me around, and meet up with friends at the wedding. Traveling alone, let alone to a wedding, is never the most fun thing ever, but I had a blast! First of all, it was BEAUTIFUL!

The first day we did a bit of a driving tour of Hawaii. We started at Hanuama Bay and looked out at the gorgeous waters and beach. I can’t wait to get back here to snorkel! As we kept driving we came across more and more gorgeous viewpoints.

Hanuama Bay. Photo by Jessica Hall

I dipped my feet in the ocean at Bellows Beach Park, next to an Air Force base. It was absolutely breath-taking, and makes me jealous of those stationed here.

Bellows Beach Park. Photo courtesy Jessica Hall.

Then to the North Shore for some food! I ate an amazing ahi tuna burger at Shark Cove Grill, followed by shaved ice from the famous Matsumoto Grocery. It was light and fluffy, so delicious!

Shaved ice! Photo by Jessica Hall

Then a stop at the Dole Plantation, where I learned that pineapples grow like this:

At the Dole Plantation, this is how pineapples grow! Photo by Jessica Hall.

SERIOUSLY! I never knew. So cool. And there was a DOUBLE RAINBOW. (If you don’t know that reference watch this video.)

Double rainbow!! Photo by Jessica Hall.

The wedding was awesome, small, and sweet. I had a blast dancing with friends at this beautiful house rented for the ceremony and reception:

Site for the wedding ceremony and reception. Photo by Jessica Hall.

My final day started out with a trip to the USS Arizona. The memorial was absolutely beautiful and moving. The memorial is built on top of the sunken battleship, the tomb to the men that died aboard on December 7, 1941.

USS Arizona Memorial. Photo by Jessica Hall

Finally, I hit the beach for some sun. It was a bit windy and chilly at Ko Olina, but I did step in for a few minutes. But mainly I just enjoyed the beach.

Ko Olina lagoon. Photo by Jessica Hall.

A quick trip to Waikiki in time for sunset was the cherry on top for my trip:

Sunset at Waikiki. Photo by Jessica Hall

I can’t wait to go back and explore more of the island. There are some hiking trails I want to try, snorkeling to check out, and sun to soak up!