With the Democratic primary season nearing its end, there is only one, or rather two, things to resolve…Michigan and Florida. The DNC bylaws and rules committee is meeting this weekend to decide the fate of their delegates’ votes. Hillary Clinton wants all of the delegates seated, and obviously so, she won both states but only because no candidates (including herself) in either of the states and in Michigan only Clinton was on the ballot. She won easily. It isn’t fair what the DNC decided for the two states but they can’t do what Clinton is asking, that all delegates be seated. That isn’t fair to Obama or the other candidates, because the outcome could have been completely different. 

The delegates from Michigan and Florida should be seated but their vote should carry less weight since their elections were not fair or even contested. I hope the DNC finds a fair way to split the delegates between Clinton and Obama AND count only a portion of their normal delegate total. The DNC shouldn’t completely forgive the states for breaking the rules but they can put out an olive branch to help decide on the nominee.