I recently trekked down to Madison Square Park to check out Mario Batali’s latest food-venture, Eataly. The 42,500 square foot space is massive, obviously, but packed full of deliciousness. The aisles are full of fresh produce, including varieties of mushrooms that I’d never heard of before or seen, more pasta shapes than any other grocery store, tons of tomato sauces and freshly made cheese. The shelves are stocked with Batali and his friends’ products, but also products straight from Italia. The store is quite crisply decorated with white shelves and minimal decorations.

Besides the food for purchase to cook with at home, Eataly features a number of restaurants to eat delicious Batali-fare. My friend and I opted for the Pasta and Pizza “restaurant.” The restaurants are basically tables in a specific section slightly blocked by shelves or other food areas. There are places to put your name on the list to get a table. There is an appetizer/wine bar, steakhouse, panini counter and pasta/pizza restaurants. We waited about 30 minutes for a table. We ordered glasses of wine (red and Prosecco) which were delicious.  Then time for the pasta. I ordered fusilli with ragu. The pasta was perfectly al dente and the ragu mouth-watering.

I’m looking forward to going back to Eataly to buy the ingredients for a fresh pasta meal, from fresh pasta to mozzarella. It’s truly an experience at Eataly, so check it out and have a taste of Italy.