On our road trip up to Washington, we took a break from driving up the California coast to taste the many different wines of Sonoma County. We spent a day going to different tasting rooms in downtown Healdsburg.

We started at Murphy-Goode where we had a great employee explaining each wine and pouring them. Our favorites were the Pinot Grigio and Claret. We ended up coming back to buy the Claret, it’s a great blend of red wines. I can’t wait it to eat it with a delicious steak.

Then we went to Thumbprint, a vegan winery. The wines were alright but not my favorite for the day. FYI: it’s vegan because they don’t fine the wine, they let the wine’s soluble substances, like proteins and certain tannins, filter themselves out instead of using an animal protein, like egg whites.

We grabbed lunch at Center Street Cafe & Deli, a small cafe on the town plaza. They had tasty sandwiches, and we definitely needed to carb up after all of those glasses of wine.

Then we walked around more and walked into Portalupi. They were really friendly here as well and I was a fan of the Vaso di Marina, a red-wine blend that is bottled in a giant bottle, we didn’t think it would fit in the car with all of our other stuff, nor that we could drink it all for awhile. We ended up buying one of their Pinot Noirs, a 2008, which scored a 91 from Wine Spectator. I can’t wait to open that one up as well for a special dinner.

We then took a break, we were exhausted from our long drive from the day before. But for dinner we headed to Spoonbar, at the suggestion of a friend. They are really known for their cocktails so we got some delicious mixed drinks with our simple and delicious Mediterranean meal. Here is my Gin drink, complete with a pear:

James had a pumpkin spice drink, look how pretty it was (and it was also delicious)!

Definitely check out Spoonbar. Their wine list looked impressive but we were keen on the mixed drinks.

I wish we had done at least one visit to a winery because the vineyards were absolutely beautiful. Grape vines do change color too! The vineyards were all colorful in various shades of reds, oranges and yellows. Healdsburg is definitely a great launching pad to get all over Sonoma County if you ever visit. It’s pretty much in the middle and a short drive to the vineyards across the county. I definitely plan on going back. If you have other suggestions of restaurants or vineyards to visit let me know!