I turned 21 on Monday and while no, I don’t feel older, I hoped to feel a bit empowered when asked to show my id to buy alcohol. I never had a fake id and never really ordered alcohol at dinner or anything like that. So I was excited Monday when I went to go buy myself alcohol. I picked up a small bottle of champagne and got in line at the register. When it was my turn I walk up to the register, hand my bottle over…pull out my id and my credit card…hand my credit card over…and sign the receipt and that’s it. I was totally disappointed! (Side note: my credit card says “See ID,” so they should have asked for my license anyway…whatever, back to the story). I talked with friends and they said, “Well maybe it’s cause you didn’t buy hard alcohol.” Hmmm I don’t know.

Then I went to dinner. Again, hoping they’d card me. I ordered The Pink Pussy Cat (it was DELICIOUS and pink!) and the waitress didn’t card me (good thing for my 20-year old friends). Sooo strike 2…I still don’t feel empowered.

Today I went to a wine store to pick up a bottle for a TV watching party later. I was like, ok this is it, they’ll ask! And I hand over the bottle, they ask me if I want a savings card (answer=Yes!), and then I pay. (With the same credit card…I really could easily become a victim of credit card theft with all these merchants not checking my ID.) Again, they didn’t ask me for my ID.

Soooo what’s the beef?!? I’m holding out for Friday night when I’m going to a bar/club. If they don’t card me then I’m just going to be really disappointed on all the nights I missed out on before tonight, like friends’ birthday parties or finals celebrations or what not. I’m trying to figure out why I’m not getting carded…I don’t think I look too old…maybe I’m just confident about what I’m buying? Who knows…but I do know that I’m still holding out…come on NYC establishments-please card me!!!