Last Wednesday I got the urge to bake. I tweeted looking for suggestions and my friend Caylin suggested Snickerdoodles. I jumped on the opportunity, because I LOVE snickerdoodles and have never made them before.

I did some googling and found a recipe on I picked the Snickerdoodles III recipe because it didn’t require any chilling of the dough. The quantity only said 24 and I wanted some for my weekend trip up to West Point, so I doubled the recipe, hoping to get 50. Well, I got  a few more than I bargained for due to the fact that I rolled the dough in really random sizes, including very small ones. So I ended up with this:

I was a bit concerned with the cookies because as I was making the batter I lost track of count of how much flour I had put in/how much was needed still, so I guessed, the consistency seemed right though, the dough formed balls easily, so we were good to go. To the recipe I also added a dash of cinnamon. I tried a cookie fresh out of the oven and it was okay, but the next day, after they cooled off, they were perfectly soft. The cookies were still soft on Sunday when stored in tupperware.

Try the recipe, keep track of how much flour you add and if you do double the recipe, be consistent in how large you roll the dough. Also, I hope your oven is larger than mine, I did a lot of rotating of small/medium baking pans for about an hour to bake them all. Enjoy!